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Gypsy CaraVanner's Horses For Sale

HV Snowflake

Bay & White Tobiano Mare with Marbled Blue Eyes

Foundation Stock

Snowflake is a total sweetheart & my most trusted mare. She is green-broke (will accept a bridle, saddle, & rider), we give pony rides on her to the kids, but she will need some work & it’s been a little while for her.

Available In or Out of Foal to One Step Ahead of the Jailer

(Silver Dapple Tobiano)

Bay & White with Marbled Blue Eyes – Carries the Agouti Gene

Ee TT Aa

GVHS & GHRA Registered.

Her website is

Videos of Snowflake:

CaraVanner's Burning Man

2015 Bay Blagdon Gelding

Sundance Kid x Blue Girl

Bloodlines Include (but not limited to): Trooper Thorn, Wild Rose, Son of Eddie Alcocks Old Horse, Sue Ellen, Chips 2, Black Bonny, Eddie Alcocks Old Horse, Chip 1, Kizzy, Blue, Westmoreland Curly Sue, The Rocking Horse, Westmoreland Splish Splash, Cheif, The Old Horse of Wales, & More!

Broke to ride (video available). Burning Man requires a rider who knows how to use their legs, preferably a Dressage or Reining home/rider. He is quite responsive, can side pass, pick up the correct lead, etc.

Black: Ee, Agouti: Aa, no Tobiano or Creme

GVHS Registered

One Step Ahead of the Jailer

2012 Black Silver Dapple Tobiano Stud

The Warden x Kenoccha Mocha

Bloodlines Include (but not limited to):

(13.1 H Stallion)

Sired by The Warden (Get the name?...1 Step Ahead of the Jailer???) it's a Jimmy Buffet song!

Color: Ee nT nZ

Green Broke to drive & ride

Available as a stallion or gelding.

GVHS Registered

CaraVanner's Atat

2018 Filly – Black & White Tobiano with 1 Blue Eye

GVHS Registered

Anubis x Clio

Bloodlines Include (but not limited to): Son of the Lion King, Lion King, Magpie, Billy Boy, Robert Watson's Old Horse, The Lob Earred Horse, Westmoreland The Lottery Horse, Westmoreland Tic Tac, Amos Withshire's Old Horse Sam, Joe Wiltshire's Red & White Mare Matilda, Joe Wiltshire's Black & White Stallion The Old Black Horse, The Coal Horse, & More!

CaraVanner's Ginger

2020 Red Sabino Filly

One Step Ahead of the Jailer x Gypsy

This well built, compact little filly is predominantly white with a red medicine hat, and red flecks that follows her spine from her mane, down her body, & into her tail. She LOVES attention & had already been shaved & had her 1st farrier appointment.

More Information Coming Soon.