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The Last Born Son of The Lottery Horse  

NEW Anubis Pictures!

 Pictured at about 3.5 years old.

Anubis Kisses!!! XOXO


Gallery of Anubis as a 3 Year Old

Anubis Pictured at 2 Years Old Below

Gallery of Anubis as a Colt


Anubis is a 2010 Colt

2 Party Eyes (Blue & Brown Swirled)

Sired by Westmoreland The Lottery Horse &

Westmoreland Tic x Tac

 *Foal Photos Courtesy of Westmoreland Farms

Westmoreland Anubis's Pedigree

Anubis's Lineage

 The Lottery Horse, Anubis's Sire

Tic Tac, Anubis's Dam

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