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*~* Gypsy *~* Shaving Day! -> April 1, 2014

7 Month Old Sabino Filly

2nd Day of Riding Lessons - January 2016 (3 Yrs Old)

Aren't I just too cute!?!?!?

Taking a break from shaving....the woolly side.

The shaved side...

Check out the 'butt mohawk' from being 1/2 shaved!

1/2 Shaved

Finally done! Feeling good!

Time for a rest. Love the pattern on this little lady!

Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion thinking 'She's looking pretty!'

Finally Free!

Her face is still woolly, but we thought she had big enough day already!

She was such a trooper!

Love this girl!

Gypsy's Arrival

Gypsy just getting off the trailer

Her-Eyez-In Blue, The Diplomat's Dirty Little Secret & Gypsy meeting for the 1st time!

Before She Was Ours....

Gypsy is a 2012 Sabino Gypsy Vanner Filly

Gypsy Kisses! XOXO

About 2 Months Old

Pictured Below at Only Days Old

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