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One Step Ahead of the Jailer x Gypsy

Expected 2021

CaraVanner's The Silver Dapper  -  2021 Black Silver Dapple with Blue Eyes
One Step Ahead of the Jailer x CaraVanner's Something Blue


2 Bright Blue Eyes.  1 copy of the Silver Gene (EE TT nZ).   You couldn't ask for a more loving foal.  He just wants to lay his head on you & snuggle all day.  

Bloodlines Include (but not limited to):  The Warden, Alfie's Stallion, Vines Mare, Kennocha Mocha, The Business (AKA The Boss), The Boss (UK), Lion King Granddaughter, GG Mojo, GG Cushti Bok, GG Shampoo Girl, The Old Horse of Wales, Callie, Romany Rye, Rhonda, Old Horse of Ireland, JC Mare, Old Horse of Pat McCann, Blue, Westmoreland Curly Sue, The Rocking Horse, Westmoreland Splish Splash, Chief, The Old Horse of Wales, & More!

This will be the 3rd & final repeat breeding of Jailer & Gypsy.

2 Full Siblings: CaraVanner's Bale Money (2019) & CaraVanner's Ginger (2020)

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