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CaraVanner's CrystalEyezd - FOR SALE

2012 Tri-Color Filly with 2 Blue Eyes

Sire: GG Mojo (Cushti Bok x Shampoo Girl)

Dam: HV Snowflake  

2 year old filly with stunning double BLUE eyes. Bay & white filly, with Agouti tips! She has a snow white mane & tail with a little black splash in the center. She is almost completely white, with a red chest & a small red mark in her flank.

She is a stunner, & will steal your heart!    

Video of CrystalEyezd Lunging at 9 Months Old

Both Pics Below are from Only 1 Day Old. 

 Watching the vet leave from my 1st vet appt! (1 Day Old)

 My 1st picture!

CrystalEyezd at 3.5 Yrs

Only 1/2 Bathed & Still Wet but still some good shots! 

February 2014 - About 1.5 Years Old


July 2014 - About 2 Years Old

Below Pics are from Less Than 3 Months Old


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