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CaraVanner's Her-Eyez-In Blue - FOR SALE

CaraVanner's Her-Eyez-In-Blue

(AKA Horizon Blue)

Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion x VV Clio

Born: October 8, 2013

Double Blue Eyed Filly!

Bloodlines: Custhi Bok, Shampoo Girl, & Lion King Bloodlines

ABOVE pic at 5 Days Old. Check Out That Tail Already!

BELOW pics are from 1 Day Old!

JUST Turned 4 Months Old!

9 Weeks Old...

Check out my Fluffy Feather at Only 9 Weeks Old!!!

7 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old

Only 5 Days Old...

Her-Eyez-In Blue's Thanksgiving Shot!

CaraVanner's Her-Eyez-In Blue Lineage

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