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Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion

Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion stands at 14.2 H, has two bright blue eyes, & a double mane.

What I love most about Blue is that when you walk up to him & look in his eyes, you feel as if you are in the presence of an old soul. He is good with children & animals alike. Blue shares his morning hay & grain with our Dwarf Blue Eyed Goat!

He is a gentleman around mares, & keeps a close eye on the foals. Blue is our built in alarm, if there's something 'out of sorts' on the farm, he is the 1st to let us know. His demeanor is what the Gypsies bred for & I am blessed to have him.

Blue Just turned 5 Years Old!

Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion - 3 Years Old

Blue Learning to 'Take A Bow'

Please note, in training our horses to bow, we use no harnesses or ropes to pull their legs or head into position. The horse is FREE in an acre or 2 halter or lead. The only thing driving Blue is his desire to please Adrian....well, that & the bright orange carrot in his hand!


Jenn’s Blue Eyed Stallion

Pictured at 2 - 3 years old. 

Pictured as a Yearling 

*~*Pictured Below at About 1 yrs old...New Pics Coming SOON!*~*

 * Pictured at ~ 1 yr old

Blue is a Double Blue Eyed, 2010 Colt

GG Mojo (Cushti Bok x Shampoo Girl)


High Valley Snowflake

Look at that Apple Bottom!!!! 

Please follow the link, for the story of how the

1st Gypsy Vanner, Cushti Bok, came to America.

(Blue's Grand Sire)   

Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion's Pedigree

Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion's Lineage

Blue's Sire, GG Mojo

Blue's Dam, High Valley Snowflake 

Eyed Colt (Full Brother to Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion)Blue's Grand Sire, Cushti Bok

*Photos Courtesy of Gypsy Gold

 Blue's Grand Dam, Shampoo Girl

*Photos Courtesy of Gypsy Gold

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